NK63 Solar-Powered Bug Zapper




Few things ruin the perfect summer evening more than a swarm of pesky flying insects. And the incessant scratching of those that are sweet blooded and already mosquito bitten doesn’t help either. This bug zapper from Sandalwood Outdoors is an ideal solution for such situations. With an ultraviolet lamp at the center, it attracts flies, mosquitoes and other flying insects, and its electric field then instantly zaps them. As mosquitoes are arguably the peskiest of all, the lamp attracts them by emitting an optimal 365 nanometer wavelength. It features an easy, clean solution for bug removal via the tray at the bottom of the device. As well, it conveniently has a range of over 3000 square feet.


Sit back and let the sensor be the switch.

Just because you've got a shiny new bug zapper from Sandalwood doesn't mean you have to take care of it. Setup is easy breezy. The integrated ambient light sensor automatically turns the zapper on at dusk and off at drawn. Installation options: Use the included garden stake to drive it into your lawn; or hang it on the balcony with its pre-installed hanging string; or set it down on the table or ground. In either mode, the eight bright LEDs can provide illumination or act as a backup light.

Enjoy solar charging, or charge directly.

Embedded in the upper cap of the Sandalwood Outdoors bug zapper is a high performing, 6V/170 mA poly-crystalline silicon solar panel. In daylight, it eagerly drinks in the sun's rays and stores them as energy for powering the bug zapper from dusk. Another nicety is the rechargeable lithium battery that's built into the bug zapper, which also enables for direct charging with the included wall charger. On a full charge, the bug zapper can run for up to 15 hours as an insect killer and for up to 30 hours as a lamp.